Blast from the past- amazing Bouygues project -The Qatar Petroleum District

Great results from high spec cassava for Aviation Biofuel project – Ongoing R&D
June 17, 2019
GKI Group approached for buyout by USA- Delaware Corporation
October 13, 2019
includes nine office blocks, the tallest of which has 52 levels, a five-star hotel complex with more than 400 rooms, a shopping centre, a conference centre, a mosque and all the car parks and external facilities required by these complexes. Construction site was launched September 2009 and delivered end of 2016. During the peak period, 7,000 employees were involved. Sheer scale of the project: 690,000 m2 of flooring, 450,000 m3 of concrete, 66,000 tonnes of steel frames, 330,000 m2 of curtain walls, 145 lifts, etc. Total 696,000 m² of space was built.